About Us

Oregon was established in 2011 to provide NCTS transit solutions to the Global Logistics Industry.

The main focus of our company is to provide advanced technology-based solutions to manage cross-border transportation and customs operations more effectively and efficiently. The most  important of these solutions is the NCTS (New Computerized Transit System) transit solution, which Oregon originally designed and continuously improves. It is a system provider that can deliver T (TR, T1, T2, T-) secured customs transit declarations and EU Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) online to customs authorities in Turkey, European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, as well as the UK, Serbia and North Macedonia. In this way, businesses can manage their international transportation processes more easily and quickly.

This unique solution offered by Oregon serves customs authorities with a large coverage capacity totaling over EUR 200 million. Our company is able to send directly to customs authorities in Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland and Italy. We are also able to raise declarations directly to other NCTS customs systems.

In addition to supporting its customers in making their international logistics operations smoother and more efficient, Oregon also provides high-level services in fleet management, tracking, container leasing. Our company operates to contribute to the growth of global trade and reduce the complexity of the business world.

Our vision is to make cross-border transportation more reliable and competitive, add value to our customers and facilitate international trade by bringing technology and innovation together in the logistics industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon

T1 / T2 / T- declarations are union procedures and transit customs declarations with the same name that allow the transportation of the products subject to foreign trade, without paying customs duties, in the countries that are parties to the Common Transit Convention. A unique tracking number called MRN is assigned to each declaration opened in T status.

There is a requirement for carrier / forwarder, customs broker or customs agency for Oregon membership. You can start the process by filling the “Customer Information Form” on our website and sending it to us. A “Customer Agreement” is prepared and communicated for companies whose membership is deemed appropriate. For more detailed information, please contact us on 0850 800 30 30 WhatsApp number. We may request a reference for membership.

Oregon üyeliği için taşıyıcı/forwarder, gümrük müşaviri ya da gümrük acenteliği şartı bulunuyor. Web sitemizde yer alan “Müşteri Bilgi Formu” nu doldurup tarafımıza göndererek süreci başlatabilirsiniz. Üyeliği uygun bulunan firmalar için ’’Müşteri Sözleşmesi’’ hazırlanarak iletilmektedir. Daha geniş bilgi almak için lütfen 0850 800 30 30 WhatsApp numaramızdan irtibata geçiniz. Üyelik için referans talebimiz olabilir.

All kinds of documents that will identify the good. Generally, invoice and export / import declaration and CMR are enough. Additional documents may be requested by Oregon Risk Management when it can be considered as risky situations.

Oregon is the largest privately owned system provider established with %100 domestic capital. Oregon provides T guaranteed customs transit declarations and EU Entry Summary Declarations online to the customs authorities of the countries listed below; -Turkey, AB and EFTA Countries, England, Serbia and Macedonia and United Kingdom. The Oregon system, which provides services with a total collateral capacity of 320 million TL in the customs administrations; Turkey, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland and Italy directly to the customs administrations, other NCTS can be sent indirectly to the customs declaration system.

TR declaration abbreviations are used for the declaration given in the National Transit operations in Turkey. From a border gate (land-air-sea border gates) to an internal customs office, From a border gate to a free zone customs office From one border gate to another border gate From one internal customs office to another internal customs office, From an internal customs office to a free zone customs office, From a free zone customs office to a border gate, From one warehouse to another warehouse, From one temporary storage location to another temporary storage location, Transit transactions of goods not in free movement are made under the TR declaration.


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