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Dear Customer,

As the UK’s exit from the European Union will be completed by the end of 31.12.2020, we would like to inform you about some important changes that will take place in international movement and common transit procedures with the new year.

A) For Movements to the United Kingdom

After Brexit, the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union. For this reason, it will not be possible for a transit declaration started in Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia to terminate the transit declaration in a different European Union country and carry your goods in free circulation for your movement to the United Kingdom.

In accordance with the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) system put into effect by the United Kingdom, it is necessary to receive the GMR number by making a GVMS notification for movements to the United Kingdom and to process with this number at the UK borders. This situation is only required for T1/T2 transactions from January 1st. It will be required for all transactions after July 1st.

Oregon’s system has been integrated into the GVMS system. As of 2021, declarations can be submitted automatically if the necessary information is provided with a transit declaration. If the required information is not provided with the transit declaration, it will be submitted as a seperate notice.

Trucks that set out in 2020 but will arrive in the UK in 2021 are also covered by the GVMS notification. Oregon will make these notices on yout behalf and provide you with their GMR numbers. 

B) For Movements From the United Kingdom

As a result of Brexit, UK products will not be able to move within the European Union territory with the EX-1 document. For this reason, it will become mandatory for transit declarations to be made within the United Kingdom territory or entrance of the European Union. 

Oregon NCTS software is integrated into UK customs systems and you can complete and monitor your transit declarations directly from your own offices. 

In transit declarations starting from the United Kingdom, if it is requested to be processed using the ‘inland border facilities’, which are newly established by the United Kingdom and will provide 24/7 service, you must create a registration at the adress below before the relevant points. Otherwise, trucks will not be able to enter these areas.

For more information about these areas, please click on the link provided below.

The process of creating a transit declaration with UK departure will simply consist of the following steps;

-Declaration is created in Oregon’s system and LRN is received.

-If the departure customs is one of the inland border facilities, an attend request will be created.

-The truck moves to the inland border facilities with the registration number and other documents.

-Transit registration is made by customs officers. 

-The truck is released.

C- Other Issues

If the loading will be made from outside of the city area, you need to get Kent Access Permit (KAP) from the address below before entering the city area. The United Kingddom authorities will impose a penalty of GBP 300 for freight vehicles that do not have this 24-hour permit.

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